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Decision making about your suppliers

With supplier management, the amount of data captured about your suppliers can be vast. Being able to meaningfully interpret it to make decisions about compliance and performance can be a critical area that helps determine if a supplier should remain an approved and preferred supplier or not.

Service Metrics

Using a Supplier Management System you can capture important service, delivery and performance metrics about your suppliers to know that they are servicing your organisation well. From measuring delivery and timeframes through to qualify and performance, these important metrics can be critical in the decision making about whether to continue using the supplier or not.

Risk Metrics

What field does the supplier work in, what kind of job tasks or activities is the supplier doing and what level of risk are they in your workplace? Are they a high risk construction tasks contractor or are they doing low to medium risk job tasks. Determining the current and future risk level is important in classifying the nature of work your supplier is doing and how this affects your workplace and other suppliers.

Compliance History

Does the supplier has a heavy history of safety incidents, breaches or compliance issues that would be a concern to your organisation? Do they have a poor history or recording incidents or do they lack the appropriate systems and procedures for working safely and measuring their own staff activities? Understanding the prior compliance history of your supplier could be an indication as to how they will perform while working as your supplier.

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