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Supplier Performance
- Show they remain an approved and preferred supplier?

Part of a supplier management system is reviewing their ongoing performance. Today, organisations have a long list of suppliers, from stock providers through to service providers who they rely on for critical services such as IT, security or consulting. But many organisations may fall short in how they review their suppliers ongoing performance. Capturing key metrics about performance and delivery can help establish whether the supplier should remain an approved and preferred supplier.

Setting KPIs for suppliers

When considering what metrics to examine, what kind of supplier are they to the organisation and what kind of appropriate metrics should be setup: Are they a stock supplier and you rely on delivery timeframes and correct shipments? Are they a service supplier and if so, is it a face to face service where they provide staff or resources on site or is it a remote service you rely on? (and so some of the things here would range from uptime of service through to quality of staff, timeframes and completion outcomes)

Digital KPI's

Using a supplier management system you can setup a dashboard to capture and monitor the core metrics about supplier performance by category. Organisations can make better decisions about their suppliers and identify problem areas sooner about the performance of suppliers. If there are ongoing problems, this provides the digital evidence to make a decision about continuing to use that supplier over another. Likewise it can help identify high achieving suppliers where the relationship might be more valuable.

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