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Supplier License Management
- Managing the licenses and insurances of your suppliers

If you have suppliers that are providing a service to your organisation that involves their staff being in your workplace, it's important to make sure these suppliers are licensed, qualified, provide evidence of training and hold the appropriate insurance. Imagine a supplier who is working on your site who doesn't hold valid public liability or workers comp insurance and then suddenly an incident happens on site.

Collect licenses on line

With a supplier management system important date critical items such as public liability insurance, workers comp insurance and professional indemnity insurance can be uploaded and provided by the supplier as part of onboarding the supplier into your organisation as a new, preferred and approved supplier. This ensures that the documentation required as part of being a supplier has been provided, reviewed and approved.


An important part of this workflow is automatic reminders to the supplier when these materials are due for renewal. Typically this might be 30 days before the expiry date, prompting the supplier t provide you fresh up to date copies when they are due to be renewed.

Correct and valid format

As part of using a digital platform for supplier management, verification of licenses, certifications or evidence of training helps ensure that materials uploaded are valid and up to date, also detecting and preventing fraudulent files or identifying formatting problems early on.

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