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Contractor Surveys
- Create Contractor Engagement Surveys

Make sure you have the right contractors in your workforce using Contractor Surveys to generate deep contractor insights.

Contractor Surveys allow you to set up automated contractor surveys creating the opportunity to gather feedback automatically after their induction, after a job completion or on demand.

Get an understanding of contractor priorities, safety understanding and identify areas that need attention

Highlight strengths and weaknesses for improvement with your contractors and identify development opportunities across your contractor workforce.

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Want to try creating a Contractor Survey or use one of our templates?

Create contractor specific surveys
How well were they engaged and inducted
Get the pulse of your contractor workforce on topics ranging from safety awareness, service, quality, labour hire and work priorities
Automatically trigger based on workflows you define
Deep analytics and insights on your contractors
Commonly done after an induction and when jobs on site are completed

Contractor Performance Surveys

Use contractor surveys to measure contractor performance. Compare your contractors and suppliers on important areas from safety performance, provision of service, management, quality, understanding of your workplace and their job and ultimately, should you keep the contractor as a preferred contracting company?,

Example Contractor Survey Questions

Do you ask your contrators these sorts of questions? Imagine deep analytics comparing the answers and highlighting concerns automatically for you

I think all of my colleagues on this project have been inducted

Our physical work space is safe to work in

I am familiar with procedures to ensure that all hazards and incidents are reported and investigated

My company has a system for recording and analysing WHS performance statistics

My company has documented procedures for completion of High Risk Work

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