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eLearning Platform: Best Tips, Design & Create eLearning Courses

In 2023 eLearning platforms have evolved. The traditional publish courses and assign to users platform is a thing of the past. Today's eLearning is all about artificial intelligence and machine learning discovering learning opportunities for you, identifying learning gaps, skills gaps, inviting users and assigning courses to users automatically and tools to create truly immersive and engaging elearning content that is mobile, interactive and simple to use. Here we go over the best tips, design and elearning content creating.

AI based eLearning

The latest in eLearning technology is about platforms that can learning from the data they collect. Being able to analyse staff records and suggest training based on gaps automatically.

AI constantly scans your learning records looking for eLearning opportunities
Auto suggests courses for staff to complete and assigned to them
Deep trends and analysis
Real-time live skills matrix, not a static one

Mobile Learning Design

More important than ever is the ability to complete courses from mobile phones and tablets. Mobile learning in the field is the most important platform for accessing and learning on the go and while on the job.

iPad / Android / iPhone learning
Mobile responsive learning
AR content options
Immersive content

Creating immersive courses

Text and images slides are old and static. Immersive engaging content is what creates the more indepth and comprehensive learning experiences for staff. Our eLearning platform features a ground breaking course authoring tool for creating truly immersive, media rich course content that will ensure the highest impact and level of engagement from staff completing your courses.

Create animated content
Media rich content
Interactive assessments

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