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Published 11/12/2021

Contractor COVID19 Vaccine Declaration Form

The emergence of COVID-19 brought new protocols for doing work. It changed all sectors, led to new technologies to conquer the side effects of COVID-19, and changed in-house working to remote working. Different regions across the globe established regulations for human contact, both local and international citizens, outsourcing duties, and restricted international companies from accessing some regions due to the spread of the pandemic.

For instance, in the USA, on-site suppliers, contractors, and volunteers working on-site were entitled to mandatory vaccination and fill a COVID-19 vaccination form. The contractors are advised to keep a high level of hygiene, wear protective attires, sanitize, and observe COVID-19 protocols.

Across many industries in Australia it is mandatory to be vaccinated as a contractor

The government imposed mandatory vaccination for COVID-19 for federal contractors across all states. All contractors, no matter the department, were supposed to be injected with Pfizer Astra Zeneca or any other vaccine at the interval of two weeks until all doses were received. Those who would opt for Johnson and Johnson were supposed to be injected once and provided vaccination.

In Saudi Arabia, mandatory vaccination for all contractors working within its borders was implemented in May from the upsurge of the Delta variant. As proof of vaccination, all contractors working on-site are supposed to present a vaccine declaration form. On the list, Russia followed suit; it implemented the protocol for citizens and foreign contractors who worked on-site.

China was the first to implement mandatory vaccination of contractors working on-site. China suffered a blow in the economic downturn, which was a result of the closure of boundaries, and all-powerful countries restricted them from accessing their services. It was a shock to China's economy, and mandatory vaccination was the only way to go.

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Components of a COVID19 Vaccine Declaration form for Contractors

- Personal information
The form should have the contractor's name, email address, phone number, alternative phone number, street address, and nationality. This information helps locate contractors who accessed specific sites within a given time and recorded infections.

- Vaccine information
The vaccine administered is recorded, and the relevant information concerning it. The following information is recorded under vaccine information;

1. Vaccine COVID-19 (SARS- COV-2)
In this section, there are two buttons, Yes and No. Yes is ticked when vaccinated and No when not vaccinated. Yes is ticked regardless of which vaccine is received.

2. Vaccine type
The list of all vaccines is highlighted here. The vaccine undertaken is marked on the respective button. Different vaccines have different intervals for receiving doses, while Johnson and Johnson is received once. The vaccines are; John and Johnson, Sinopharm BIBP, Astra Zeneca, Sinovac, Pfizer, and Moderna. Only one type is administered to an individual.

3. Type of dose
The interval of how the doses should be administered as outlined in this section. The Pfizer is the only dose administered once, but the others have several doses.

- Date
It is critical to indicate the date for each dose on the form. The date stated when the first dose was administered and when the employee should receive the next dose.

Digital Contractor COVID-19 vaccine declaration

Technology has played its part in the economy's recovery and the invention of online declaration for COVID 19 patients. COVID 19 self-declaration mobile applications facilitate the efficiency and effectiveness of obtaining vaccination declaration forms. The information in the components declaration form is fed in the application, and the application generates a PDF report.

This application captures symptoms because the user feeds body temperature, fatigue, and any other COVID-related symptom. Also, it tracks travel and contact history, which aids in tracking the regions visited within a given period. The collected data is usually stored in a cloud and can be accessed anytime. Our online declaration builder helps you create your own personalized form and have a registry in place for all the critical information.

Technology solves all problems under the sun. When COVID-19 came, people were congested in hospitals and test areas to obtain declaration forms, but with an online declaration, everyone could acquire one without much strain. Only a smart device or computer is required for one to get the form. Since the world has set vaccination as a norm, everyone should focus on getting the dose!

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