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COVID-19 Workplace Check List: Design COVID-19 Checklists

With the current global crisis, it's critical to make sure the workplace is prepared and ready for all types of COVID-19 risks, the ongoing management of how they do business day to day in an environment that could be exposed to infectious disease outbreaks and hazards.

Using an online COVID-19 check list as part of your induction process, you can ensure all workers such as contractors, employees and visitors have gone through a consistent COVID-19 focused site check list as part of their engagement working on site. Below are what this could look like and what to include in a COVID-19 Checklist.

Create COVID-19 Checklist for New Staff or Contractors

If a new staff member or contractor is either working from home or working from an office, they should go through a COVID-19 Checklist. Cover off on important areas such as:

- acknowledgement of workplace contact policies
- declaring flu symptoms
- declaring travel history or exposure to someone else who has had travel history
- declaring exposure to someone else who has had flu symptoms
- acknowledgement of workplace procedures regarding preventing infectious disease hazards
- acknowledgement of social distancing procedures while on site / in the workplace

Create COVID-19 Checklist for Managers

Have line managers gone through a COVID-19 checklist about their own direct staff?
- check that staff under a manager have gone through recent procedure and policy refresher training around COVID-19
- getting managers to ensure that proper checks and processes are being carried out successfully in their area
- checks and acknowledgements from managers that they themselves are monitoring and reporting incidents

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