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COVID-19 Employee Check List: Setting up a COVID19 Employee Checklist

Generally, this checklist is a management tool aimed at implementing practical actions in the mitigation of the spread of COVID-19 disaster at various workplaces. For this tool to be successfully implemented, it depends on the cooperation of the employees for positive changes to be made around the workplace in the preparedness for COVID-19 and response improvement. All employers are supposed to involve every workplace health and safety committee in this process. Getting employees back to the workplace during and after COVID-19 might not be easy as the communication of the return to work dates but several alterations may be made in the process.

In this article, we go over the 'checklist for employees' to keep them productive, informed, and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Things to include in the checklist are

1. Do you feel fit and well enough to get back to work?

2. Are you up to date with the latest COVID-19 advice from the government?

3. Do you know the signs and symptoms of the COVID-19?

4. Are you aware of how the virus spreads?

5. Are you familiar with how to avoid touching your face?

6. Do you know your work representatives and how you can contact them?

7. Have you gone through and filled the get back to work form and submitted it to your employer?

8. Are you aware of when to wash your hands?

9. Do you know where the nearest hand washing/sanitizing stations are?

10. Do you know how to properly wash your hands?

11. Do you know how to avoid direct contact with visitors, customers, or colleagues?

12. Do you know how to keep 2m social distancing at the workplace?

13. Are you aware of what to do in case you start developing COVID-19 symptoms while at work?

14. Were you given an induction before getting to work and made aware of the implemented control measures

15. Did your employer consult you when implementing these measures?

16. Have you been given clean tools for cleaning your workplace regularly?

17. Are you aware of when to wear PPEs, how to use, fit, remove, and dispose of any PPE?

18. Can you avoid work-related travels and instead conduct meetings online through the phone rather than in person?

19. Did you cooperate with your employer in ensuring these measures are maintained?

20. Do you know the importance of giving any necessary information to your employer in the maintenance of COVID-19 contact logs?

Here are various action steps to maintain the safety of employees at the workplace and minimize the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

- Planning, preparation, and provision of personal protective equipment
- Pre-screening of employees
- Hand washing and hygiene in the workplace
- Reporting symptoms and quarantine

Planning, Preparation, and Provision of PPEs

It's essential to develop preparedness and response plans for coronavirus prevention at the workplace putting into consideration all the workspaces and duties done by the workers and the potential source of exposure. Preparation for the employees to get back to work is essential. Assessment of the workplace risk levels according to the OSHA guidelines to ensure safety in both the lower exposure risk jobs and medium exposure risk jobs. The appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) needs to be provided to the employees as per the CDC and OSHA websites, with also the promotion of a safety feeling in the workplace. Examples of PPEs include disposable face masks, hand sanitizer gloves, disposable goggles, plastic feet covers/shoes, and waterproof medical clothes for medical staff.

- Arrange awareness training sessions for employees on social distancing, preventive actions, and early communication of symptoms
- Buy and supply PPEs to employees
- Educate employees on proper utilization of PPEs

Pre-Screening of Employees

Pre-screening of employees and visitors; Health and safety usually begin even before entering the workplace. Pre-screening and self-screening policies keep the virus in check and alert the potential carriers to seek medical assistance. The employees are supposed to monitor for possible symptoms like fever, body aches, and cough and avoid attending work.

- Promotion of workplace employees self-screening
- Implement policies for symptoms reporting
- Prompt visitors to report any potential symptom before check-in

Hand Washing and Hygiene In The Workplace

Employees should be encouraged to be attentive to their cleanliness and hygiene of their workspaces in the workplace. Hygienic habits should be made clear and kept on top of the mind always. Focus on personal habits such as hand washing, office cleanliness and also touching the face.

Sanitizing protocols should be enforced for all the shared workspaces, provision of hand sanitizers at key touchpoints in the workplace, implementation of mandatory hand washing policies and encourage the employees to properly sneeze and cough (elbow strategy) are some of the key and basic concepts that should be followed to keep employees safe.

Reporting Symptoms and Quarantine

The prevention for COVID-19 extends to when an employee reports potential signs and symptoms. A single confirmed case does not necessarily mean that the workplace is a hotspot and the spread of the virus can be obstructed by swift and decisive actions. This begins with appropriate signs and symptoms reporting protocols and various reactive policies for preventing exposure. An employee should courageously report potential symptoms and self-quarantine if possible.

- Establish self and mandatory quarantine policies - Come up with action plans for employees notification of possible exposures - Create private symptom reporting policies for employees - Implement remote working options for the employees

This checklist has been prepared to assist employees to stay safe and avoid contracting or spreading the virus to others. The usual workplace familiarisation or induction should be well revised and measures that help in the prevention of the spread of the virus included. All the employees, both new and existing, must pass through this induction before getting to work.

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