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Published 13/12/2021

Contractor Covid-19 Vaccine Management

Covid-19 vaccination is slowly becoming a passport for entry into some countries and public workplaces. After it was discovered first in China, the world has been living in panic, and more resources have been channeled to the invention of Covid-19 vaccines. With the vaccines available, nearly all countries have established mandatory Covid-19 vaccination for their citizens.

Additionally, many industries have imposed mandatory vaccination for their employees. For confirmation, they have implemented vaccine management strategies to verify whether the employees have received all doses of any vaccine. Indeed, it is the latest passport for entry into many workplaces to combat the spread of the pandemic. These modern technologies are implemented with data safety features because cybercrime and data manipulation have become rampant in today's world.

However, the process can be ambiguous, especially for contractors with many employees to verify, thus demanding modern technology. The use of paper verification is being slowly replaced by mobile app verification in almost every sector. Implementation of these mobile tools can only be made possible by utilizing modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, the Internet of Things, and 5G networks.

Using these technologies, a real-time mobile application can be developed to track the progress of the Covid-19 vaccination of employees. With that in place, contractors can provide evidence of vaccination of their workers and save time that could otherwise be wasted in paper verification.

Need to collect Vaccination Evidence from Staff or Contractors?

How real-time Covid-19 status verification mobile tools work

Mobile apps have remained the only solution to saving time in the workplace when checking and verifying Covid-19 vaccination. Some contractors operate under adverse working environments that demand several shifts daily. Verifying three or four shifts in a day can turn out to be a tiresome process, and dropping manual processes is the solution to improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Initially, people wasted a lot of time in workplace entrances doing paper verification, but that is now outdated. Currently, employees can provide evidence of vaccination via mobile tools and download their vaccination test results via mobile applications. After downloading, the mobile app verifies the information and generates confirmation codes which are easily scanned at entrance points.

QR code is a technology that has been utilized in different fields to save time when counting objects. It has attracted efficiency and effectiveness for all companies that have fully utilized it, back to the utilization of QR codes in fostering time-saving in checking and verifying Covid-19 vaccination and certification.

QR technology has all the information embedded in a QR code for easy retrieval. When it comes to data security and safety, QR codes are the best bet because the information is embedded in an encrypted format that unauthorized persons and gadgets cannot read. The scanned QR codes can be stored as soft copies in mobile devices, printed on paper, or downloaded as a photo and stored in a gallery.

So long as the entry point has a smart device for scanning the codes, time will be saved. In construction sites, management can use mobile apps to register employees online. The information received is stored in a secure database with modifications to accommodate all the doses' information. Upon receiving the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, the information is stored in the mobile app for convenience.

The idea here is that when you receive the second and third dose, the information is also stored in the online tool database. So, when the confirmation certificate is out, it is downloaded by either the employees or the management and stored as a soft copy. In workplaces where management cannot handle all the employees, the verification duty is extended to the supervisors, where they can be given online mobile tools for scanning the codes.

Contractor COVID-19 vaccination status collection, verification and management

The emergence of Covid-19 transformed public life to private life, and workplaces turned to the most protected areas that outsiders have been denied access. For many industries, only authorized and vaccinated contractors are allowed access to the facilities. The congestion in entry points has been reduced due to real-time mobile applications. For companies and institutions that have not realized the benefits of computerizing Covid-19 vaccine verification, it is high time for them to implement the mobile platform.

The core strategy is to establish a toolset for contractor COVID-19 vaccination status collection, verification and management

- COVID-19 Verification of Vaccination and the Contractor Vaccination Declaration
- Covid19 Induction
- Collect and Track Vaccination Status

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