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Published 02/07/2022

10 things to include in your Employee Onboarding Checklist

An employee onboarding checklist is designed to welcome and guide new employees into their position within their organisation. An employee onboarding checklist is a document for guidance with two key purposes. It makes sure a new starter knows what is exactly expected of them and it also assists employers to ensure they do not miss any crucial steps in an employee's induction period.

Why is it important?

It will form part of your employee onboarding steps. Having an employee onboarding checklist is designed to assist for two purposes - one purpose is for the HR team and manager to overlook the onboarding results and the other is for the new employee to follow through and ensure they are going through everything on the checklist. These employee onboarding checklists are essential to a business because they assist with the integration of employees into a company. It is a major tool to successfully merge a new hire into your business, its culture, and their specific role.

10 things to include

Companies should prioritise social connectivity with new employees from the very start. The process will begin from the moment the new starter is sent the job offer. Below are 10 suggestions for a common employee onboarding checklist:

Providing a pre-day 1 welcome kit to the new employee (company handbook, policies, organisational chart, required forms)

Instructions for systems and applications

Company orientation

Communication of company expectation

Company growth plan

Introduction of the new hire

Role-focused training

Scheduling of regular check in interactions

Assigning of a mentor (to assist the employee throughout induction period)

Practice assessments

Having an employee onboarding checklist will contribute to your company's consistency with hiring, create a smoother and more efficient onboarding process and structure with every new employee that joins your company. This will have a huge impact on their overall engagement with the business. Set your new hires and HR department up for success with an accessible and easy-to-use employee onboarding checklist software today. Click here for a free demo on how we can create this for you and your business.

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