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Onboarding Program: Employee and Contractor Onboarding

An onboarding program is the first introduction for new employees or contractors on the job they are about to undertake. It's something they go through online before they begin their role to ensure they understand safety, policies and procedures, have provided necessary evidence of training, payroll information, have been setup in the organisation, understand the organisation, requirements expected of them and how to manage and report incidents, hazards and work safely on site.

Where to start?

Set Up A New Employee or Contractor Onboarding Program
A guide to contractor onboarding
The Process
Tips for Building an Onboarding Program

Easily set up a dedicated fully branded onboarding portal where you can easily train, onboard and assess employees, new starters and contractors on important safety, organisational material and any courses you need them to do.

Create a Contractor Orientation
Create new employee courses
Create custom onboarding courses
Create assessments
Capture Contractor licenses
Collect HR information or create your own data capture fields
Create site specific courses
Create user specific courses
Choose from our library of templates
Can be done via the app store to

Onboarding Program: Customised to your requirments and work flow

Create your own onboardnig courses, assessments and online forms or use our ready to go onboarding materials from our massive library of content, forms and downloads. Publish onboarding videos, check lists, assessments, presentations and slideshows. Ensure all contractors, employees and volunteers or visitors go through a comprhenesive onboarding process online.

We have a whole library of onboarding courses, assessments, forms and materials for you to start with. We offer a global industry leading onboarding training and compliance management center that you can include within your organisation. Automatically Convert Existing Powerpoint, Videos, Word Documents and more into an Online Onboarding Program We support all document formats or we can provide you with a library of existing onboarding material for you to customise and edit for your purposes.

Upload your existing onboarding material to create your own onboarding courses.

Test the knowledge of inductees with an online assessment for each course.

Add check lists for different induction types.

Automatic reminders for refresher onboarding updates.

Add sound, text images, video and more to your induction training courses.

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