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How to Onboard New Employees into the Workplace

Just exactly what is the process?

If you set an onboarding portal with you can customise the process entirely around our organisations workflow, but what is a commomn workflow organisations go through?

Step 1: Collect materials from your staff

This is the best opportunity to collect the common paperwork forms from your staff online rather than on paper! You can build any type of paper based form into and online one and collect these materials via the onboard process. Another common data collection area is evidence of training.

Step 2: Present Your Onboarding Courses
Once you've collected everything from your users, now it's time to introduce them into the organisation. This is where you present an introduction course to your organisations history, a welcome message from the CEO, an organisation chart, a virtual site tour and other introduction material.

It's also a great opportunity to turn those policies into a learning course and run your users through important procedures, role based materials and any policies they need to acknowledge.

Step 3: Check Lists and Documents

Check lists are a great way to share specific documents (such as handbooks, policies and procedures or site plans) as a formal interactive online check list that your emplyee has to tick off against and acknowledge.

Step 4: Videos

If you can put one online, its a great way to enhance your onboarding process! Meet the team, message from the CEO and a site tour are great examples!

Step 5: Assessments

Of course you need to make sure your employees have understood important materials so putting an online assessment up is the sure way to do this including a certificate of completion

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