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Published 06/12/2022

9 things you need in your Onboarding Platform

- Automated onboarding process:

This should include automated emails, checklists and forms that can be completed quickly and easily. Automated onboarding is a process of quickly and efficiently getting new hires up and running in their roles by leveraging technology. It involves automating administrative tasks such as paperwork, background checks and online training, so that new hires can start work quickly and easily. Automated onboarding software can streamline the entire process, from onboarding to offboarding, and provide an engaging experience for new hires.

- Training materials:

Onboarding training materials are documents, videos, presentations, and other resources used to introduce new employees to a company, its policies, procedures, and culture. These materials can include job descriptions, company handbooks, onboarding checklists, and tutorials on company systems. They may also include information about company history, values, and mission. These should include videos, e-learning modules and other resources to help new hires understand the company's processes and culture.

- A welcome package:

A great welcome package for new staff should include a detailed onboarding process, a welcome packet with information about the company and its values, an introduction to the team, a tour of the office, a clear understanding of expectations and responsibilities, access to any necessary resources and training, and a warm welcome from the team. Additionally, providing a welcome gift, such as a welcome basket, can be a nice touch to show appreciation for the new hire. This should include personalized information about the company and its benefits, as well as resources for the new hire to get up to speed quickly.

- Company culture information:

A good company culture is one that is built on trust, respect, inclusion, and collaboration. It should also promote open communication, reward innovation and risk-taking, and provide opportunities for employees to grow and develop. It should also be a place where employees feel valued and appreciated, and where they can feel safe and secure in their work environment. New hires should be provided with resources to understand the company's values and mission.

- Streamlined onboarding paperwork:

The onboarding platform should provide easy access to all relevant forms and documents, such as employment agreements and tax forms.

- Integration with existing systems:

The onboarding platform should be able to integrate with existing HR systems, such as payroll and employee management.

- Secure document storage:

To protect employee data, the onboarding platform should have secure document storage to protect sensitive information.

- Onboarding assessments:

Assessments can be used to quickly evaluate the skills and experiences of new hires and ensure they are a good fit for the company.

- Regular reviews and feedback:

Regular reviews and feedback for new employees are an important part of onboarding and helping them to understand their role and expectations. They should include an assessment of their performance, an overview of their goals, and any feedback from supervisors. This should be done on a regular basis, usually in a formal setting such as a meeting or one-on-one conversation. Reviews and feedback should be an honest, constructive dialogue between the employee and the supervisor.

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