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Saving Time Onboarding Employees into the Workplace

Have you thought about how much time you spend onboarding?

Managing the introduction of new staff into a company can be a very time consuming task

Ask your self the following and track how long it takes for each one...

What is the average time spent producing and processing paperwork on a new employee?

Estimate the number of hours tracking reminders and training and other important required documentation from your new staff and full time employees?

What is the average time spent training someone on their role?

How much time is spent showing the same organisation policies, content and procedures to individuals when they start their role in your workplace?

How much time is spent notifying employees of new policies or changes to the workplace such as new workplace hazards?

How much time is spent by managers chasing people to ensure they remain compliant?

Estimate the number of hours spent preparing reports on onboarding employees in preparation for audits

If you've tallied up the time and it seems large... it might be time to move to an Employee Onboarding system to automate and improve these processes...

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