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Published 28/08/2022

Employee Onboarding Software for Small Businesses

This is the tool that will help your business build a solid employee onboarding experience that will eliminate any unnecessary paperwork whilst improving the employee's overall experience, motivation, and productivity from day one. Having an easy to use and easily accessible onboarding system, you will be able to streamline the document management process, manage forms, assign due dates for tasks and courses, send reminders and report with various organisational metrics. This will form part of your overall Employee Onboarding.

Why is it important for small business?

Having an employee onboarding software in place will have a long-term effect on the employee turnover rate, increasing the employee lifecycle and eases any unnecessary burdens on the HR team within your business. Having a solid structure in place will ensure there is a systematic approach and flow to onboarding which will:

- Help create a great first impression of your company
- Improve employee retention and decrease employee turnover
- Provide a personal and customised experience to new employees
- Streamlines the whole employee onboarding and induction process
- Improves productivity
- Helps develop a personal connection and lasting relationship between the business and employee

You might include an onboarding checklist or have a wider onboarding program that all new employees go through before they start their first day on the job.

What to include as a small business?

Your business's employee onboarding software can be designed to be as simple or elaborate as you require. There are 5 common areas that are covered in most employee onboarding processes, these are:


- Employment contracts
- Reading and signing off company policies
- WHS training


- Site and office locations
- Technology (Computer and phone set up)
- Internal system introduction
- Payroll and taxation details


- Providing relevant team and company information
- Setting objectives and goals


- Introduction to new learning systems, processes and policies
- Implementation of a skill assessment test
- Set up supervision and mentoring
- Set up of any role specific training

Cultural Engagement

- Explanation and overview of company culture and values
- Introduction to the new starter's direct team
-Introduction to key company people and organisation chart

Having an employee onboarding software ensures there is a systematic, solid, and successful approach to onboarding. This automated well-planned experience will leave a lasting impression on the new starter which will help with employee retention. When all operational and tedious tasks are taken care of it will give more time for HR contacts to provide an important, memorable, and meaningful experience.

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