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Best Employee Training Platform Ideas

Employee engagement is an important aspect when it comes to online training programs. Generally, any form of training should have a clear plan and be organized around concrete goals. Every organization should adopt visionary employee training techniques, creative eLearning solutions and switch to stimulating employee training strategies that will typically take your company to the next level.

Here are seven innovative employee training techniques that will keep your employees engaged and revolutionize the entire online training experience:

1. Utilize microlearning

Nowadays, attention spans are small. Microlearning strategies usually break the training content into bite-sized content for employees to consume on their own. They can access smaller and more manageable chunks of learning materials via their portable devices like smartphones.

This content may be audio, video, or presentations that are easily consumable. Microlearning facilitates flexibility and affordability, motivating the employees to learn, unlike the intimidation feeling associated with learning large amounts of training materials.

2. Integrate learning games into the courses

Gamification while training is essential for keeping employees motivated and engaged. It uses game mechanics and game theory to make online learning more effective. You help the employees stay stimulated when you create challenges for them. Almost every employee becomes happier and productive when gamification is incorporated. Additionally, it also motivates them to attend online training sessions.

3. Promote interactions

Interactions make online training a more enticing and memorable experience for employees. You can add interactive elements like surveys, quizzes, assessments, challenges, and Q&A to the courses. Interactive activities usually boost recall and help the employees apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge to different situations. Also, interactivity keeps employees focused throughout what they are learning, promoting retention, engagement, and plays a crucial role in measuring success.

4. Develop visually appealing training materials

Who wouldn't get engaged by aesthetically appealing online training content? Attractive visual design is one powerful technique of getting your employees engaged and capture their attention and interest.

For example, you can keep your content short, add quality images, videos, avatars, and animations. Also, utilize the white space balance for harmonious effects that enhance reading, and don't forget to use an appealing design for the quizzes!

5. Encourage teamwork and collaboration

Online training for employees as a group is usually more interesting and fun than solo employee training activities. Teamwork enhances openness and trust among the employees, which are some of the primary factors that boost engagement.

When you encourage them to collaborate to achieve the online training goal, this significantly enhances their interest in the organization's success. Employees will be better positioned to support the organization's objectives if you get an online training platform that fosters collaboration and teamwork.

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