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Published 17/04/2021

Online Employee Handbook: Best Employee Handbook Guide for 2021

When a new employeee starts at an organisation in a new role, one of the first things they need to read and acknowledge is the employee handbook. This important material covers topics around Organisation History, Vision, Mission, Values, Overall Goals, Commitment to Employees, Code of Conduct, Business Ethics, Employee and Employer Confidentiality Agreement and even a Non-compete Agreement. Other areas in a employee handbook might cover specific site rules, organisation chart, how to request leave, timesheets, rostering, site access and Employee Induction instructions.

What is the best way to deliver the employee handbook to your new starters? and how to make sure they read and understand it?

Online Employee Handbook

Delivering an employee handbook online is the best way to make sure new starters have read, understood its contetns and acknowledge the material before they start work in the organisation. You can deliver it to them entirely online and they can progress through and acknowledge its contents well before their first day on the job. This might be done as part of the initial phone call letting the employee know they got the job!

Here's how the process might work:
Canidate applies for job
Potential 2nd interview
After review period by management, if phoned with a job offer
Applicant accepts job and is told they will receive formal documents and job contract shortly. Is issues online employee handbook as first starting point.
New employee goes through online employee handbook and reads material online, is tested on its knowledge, acknowledges important materials, understands all contents.

And what exactly do you put in an online employee handbook?

Employee Handbook Table of Contents

We've gone out and compiled the best topics to include in an employee handbook, especially for delivery online and here's what they include and why you need each one

Organisation History:

when was it founded, who by, why, what problem did they solve, how, where are we today?


what is the future? what does the organisation want to achieve, what's the big picture?


how do we get there? what is the objective and what are we doing to make it happen


what do we value as an organisation? what qualities does the organisation strive for in its people and service?

Overall Goals:

what are the overall objectives and goals for the organisation?

Commitment to Employees:

as an employer, what do you promise to do for your employees? think about safety, HR issues, culture, team building, staff retention, respect, workplace policies and worker rights

Code of Conduct:

What do employees need to know about conduct in the workplace

Business Ethics:

Outline any important ethical considerations and boundaries

Employee and Employer Confidentiality Agreement

Cover off on confidentiality right here

Non-compete Agreement

Ensure that if the employee leaves the organisation, they don't walk with your IP, customer databases and even become a competitor.

Want to try out creating your own online employee handbook? Get started right here:

Sample Online Employee Handbook

Try out our completely free sample right here. It's a great way to see how you might create, design and deliver an online employee handbook to your new starters

Start Here

Best Policies to Include in your Handbook for 2021

The most comprehensive employee handbook will be broken up into sections that cover these important and best practice policies:

- Harassment and Discrimination
- Harassment and Discrimination Reporting Procedure
- Harassment Investigation Process
- Office Romances: Fraternization Policy
- Employment of Relatives
- Attendance at Work
- Working Hours and Overtime
- Break and Lunch Periods
- Attendance Expectations and Policy
- Severe Weather and Emergency Closings
- Smoke Free Workplace
- Drugs and Alcohol: Drug Free Workplace and drug testing
- Workplace Violence
- Safety and Security
- Parking
- Workplace Visitors
- Conflicts of Interest
- Accepting and Giving Entertainment or Gifts
- Travel for Business Policy
- Car mileage Reimbursement
- Bereavement Leave
- Jury Duty
- Company Tools, Equipment, and Supplies
- Computer and Internet Use Policy
- Blogging and Social Media Policy
- Telephone use
- Conflict Resolution
- Complaint Procedure
- Monitoring in the Workplace
- Email, Computer, Voicemail, Internet and Telephone Usage
- Video Surveillance and Physical Searches

Try creating one or using one of our ready to go handbooks.

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