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New Employee Induction Presentation: What to Include for 2024

When a new employee starts it can be a daunting process for both them and their employer. Many things such as doubt and uncertainty drift through their minds (no matter their age or how much experience they have had in the workforce) which bring with them questions such as 'what's going to happen?' 'Should I stay?' 'What is expected of me?' To help alleviate their fears it is important that you consider these questions when creating a presentation for your new employees. So, what should be included in a new employee presentation?

First of all, it is important to make new employees feel at ease by reducing their fear and anxiety. Anxiety is understandably common amongst most employees when beginning a new job and so making them feel at ease will help them to remove that anxiety. This will have the benefit of helping them to take in a greater amount of the information that they are presented with. Many studies have been done on the adverse effects of anxiety in relation to learning, just a simple google search can show you a variety of different articles on the subject. Anxiety triggers the body's flight and fight response which automatically redirects blood flow to running or staying and fighting, it unfortunately provides little help to learning or listening. Anxiety levels will differ from person to person and some will be better at controlling it than others, it is important therefore to reduce it as much as possible. This should be done from the beginning of the presentation and carried all the way through.

If possible it is a good idea to include a variety of different techniques in your presentation as in general adults retain approximately 10% of what they see; 30%-40% of what they see and hear; and 90% of what they see, hear, and experience - according to the National Highway Institute's 'Principle of Adult Learning & Instructional Systems Design.' A video welcoming your new employees to the company is one example (other possibilities include inviting discussion between the presenter and the audience, the audience discussing among themselves, quizzes and other such ideas can go a long way to making them feel comfortable). It can be as simple or complex as you like (just be sure that it holds the attention of your audience). Some examples of the topics/themes you could include are an overview of the presentation itself or the company, a message from the CEO or various important people within the company.

The inclusion of the company history perhaps isn't the most exciting part of the presentation however it is important as it helps the new employees to understand the gravity of the company they are entering into. It shows also that the company cares about its history and helps to lead them to the conclusion that it cares about its future. This is true whether your company is 50 years old or even just a few months.

When discussing your company make sure to give an overview of the type of things your company does, What areas of the industry does it work in? What does it produce, transport, support etc? Is there any sort of community work that you assist with? New employees are likely to know a lot of this however it helps to not assume that everyone knows everything.

It is also helpful to include your company structure in one form or another as it serves both as a way to help your employees know who they have to report to as well as helping them know their place in the company.

When creating your presentation it is necessary that not too much of it be spent on areas that are not directly related to the employees role(s). It is important to devise a balance between all of the pertinent information and making sure that you cover areas such as what kind of training they'll receive, and when/where it will occur, What are they expected to be doing? What is the deal with their salary and leave entitlements? What are the benefits of working with your company? Benefits may include discounts on certain goods or services, extra holidays or it may be as simple as letting them know that they are going to be working in a great friendly team. It is also a good to include time to go over any relevant paperwork. These may be done throughout the presentation or put into their own section, either way it is important that employees are made aware of them.

The main point to remember is that new employees want to understand the company and their place in it. They are a mixture of excitement, anxiety, and apprehension. They want to know that it is a place that they are going to enjoy working for. Designing the presentation around this will offer the benefits of calming these feelings in new employees by giving them confidence in the company and workplace. This may not happen all at once, however including these tips will be a big step forward to it.

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