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Published 31/12/2021

Why do you need an Employee Training Platform in 2024?

Training your employees using an employee training platform is an extremely important asset in every organisation, as it plays a major factor in how the business will perform in the long run. It can help ensure new employees are onboarded into an organisation better and reduce the chance of them leaving a new role too soon due to better adoption of culture, understanding their role and preparing them for becoming an expert in their job faster.

With the right training, employees will be properly supplied with the correct skills to perform their day to day tasks in a more efficient and effective way and move through the stages of learning, competent to expert more quickly. As a result, your employees will be able to improve their productivity, hit targets and meet quarterly goals.

A major advantage of using an employee training platform is the financial impact it will have on your business. You will no longer have to worry about the expenses of scheduling 1-on-1 onsite training sessions with your employees, which can add up quickly.

Using an employee training platform creates efficient on-boarding workflows for new staff. The old fashioned way of having to remove employees from work to receive in class training is gone. Now you can focus on distributing a fresh and intriguing curriculum to your workforce. Using our platform's user-friendly interface supplies the worker with an easy way to navigate through your training modules.

An employee training platform is commonly part of your overall Induction Plan and New Employee Induction.

View Employee Training Templates, Forms and Examples

What type of training can you create

Commonly you might setup training for:

- New employees
- Work experience staff
- Ongoing training of existing staff helping them acquire new skills and knowledge

and you might setup training courses that cover:

- Safety topics for the workplace
- HR policies and procedures that impact the role and coworkers
- Company culture
- Specific job procedures and skills building

Using our Employee Training Platform, outside of our ready made courses we have a comprehensive slideshow builder where you can create whatever content you want. You might want to start from scratch or you can make some changes to our premade courses in our slideshow editor to make it more company, site or role specific.

In addition to our slideshow builder companies also have the option to upload outside content into our employee training platform. Perhaps you have an interactive course that you have built in an external program that you want to import or maybe you have some existing training videos that are part of your company's curriculum that you want your employees to go over. You also may want to link an assessment to your training content to make sure your staff have correctly gone over the materials supplied.

Use a ready to go library of Employee Training Online Courses to Upskill your Workforce

There are just too many topics to list that are important in today's world for upskilling your workforce. Common ones include:

Accident and Emergencies
Alcohol and depression
Apply First Aid
Armed Robbery Survival Skills
Asbestos Awareness
Basic First Aid
Bullying and Harassment
Burnout in the workplace
Chemical Spills and Clean Up
Code of conduct
Confined Space
Conflict in the Workplace and how to manage it
Contractor Handbook
Corruption and Bribery
Dealing with Grief and Loss while Working
Defensive Driving
Dispatch Dock
Driver Fatigue
Drug use - negative effects
And many more.....

We have an extensive library of online courses you can use to easily upskill your workforce. Check them out right here.

What happens when you don't have an employee training platform in place?

- New staff go unprepared in their role
- Knowledge is lost between existing staff who leave and new ones who take over their role
- Poor knowledge management
- Risk of new staff leaving their role increases
- Increase the risk that new staff don't work out during their probation period because they haven't picked up the skills fast enough to be competent in their role

Setup an Employee Training Platform

See how an online new employee training platform can work for your organisation

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