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New Employee Checklist: Best Tips for Creating Employee Checklists for 2024

A new employee checklist ensures all new employees have consistently gone through the same important HR and Safety focused steps to prepare and guide them through the process of joining the organisation successfully. This might include checking off that the new employee has gone through important safety and HR policies and procedures, payroll setup, introduction to key team members, line managers, an introduction to the organisations culture, mission, values, induction, site tour and next steps in being prepared for their days at work.

What are the core things your new employees need to go through before they start work on site and in your organisation?

Common Employee Checklist Steps

Every organisation will have different preferences and structures around how they bring a new employee onboard. Some may have a multi week process, others a fast one time induction. What suits a small business may not fit a large company. Whilst the ins and outs of how they are structured may differ, here are the common steps and goals that a new employee checklist should consist of, broken up into two groups: before the employee starts and then engagement of the employee.

Before Employee Starts Checklist

Ensure setup of employee in HR system
Complete a background check
Review job descriptions and define their job role
Notify team members
Prepare payroll / notify payroll.
Create email account, network / account logins
Prepare workstation and work area. Laptop, phone, computer setup

Engaging the New Employee

The employee is ready to start, they are either getting close to starting their first day on the job or have just walked through the door. Here's the next steps and these may be divided into day 0, day 1, week 1, week 2 follow ups.

Employee Induction:

going through a comprehensive new employee induction covering everything they need to know from policies, procedures and acknowledgement

HR Forms:

making sure they complete all the necessary materials you need to capture online. Next of kin, known medical issues, evidence of training, certifications, declarations, government forms, registrations and licenses

Safety Induction:

going through important safety materials to ensure all employees can work safely and will remain safe in the workplace. How to report an incident report a hazard report, tools, prcedures, hazards to be aware of and more.

New Employee Training:

what do they need to go through as part of learning the ropes for their role. Who is training them and who will be their guide and mentor for questions. Are they going to be shadowing someone?

Overall Goals:

what are you going to setup as the benchmarks to measure how effective the new employee was onboarded? How do you measure they understand everything successfully?


as an employer, how do you convey to your employee the organisations culture, how they can fit in and adjust, contribture to and evolve the cutlure of the organisation. This can lead to staff retention

Code of Conduct:

Review, it, update it, what do employees need to know about conduct in the workplace

Business Ethics:

Outline any important ethical considerations and boundaries

Online Employee Handbook

Providing it to them so they read, acknowledge an understand everything in it

Non-compete Agreement

Ensure that if the employee leaves the organisation, they don't walk with your IP, customer databases and even become a competitor.

Want to try out creating your own online employee checklist? Get started right here:

Post New Employee Starting Followup

That's two check lists down but there's still one more important one to consider. You've done the pre-starting employee checklist, the first day or week on the job checklist, now its about follow up. It's been a few weeks, a month later, this is where the new employees line manager does a follow up. Here's what to go through:

- Feedback from the employee via a survey
- Line manager scheduled sit down with employee, face to face, going through feedback to them
- Review past assignments
- Review upcoming assignments
- Review new employee training, skills gaps, skills matrix, assigned learning courses and potentially new courses to do and assign to them
- Review attendance at Work
- Review Working Hours and Overtime
- Review Break and Lunch Periods
- Review Attendance Expectations and Policy
- Schedule an informal performance review
- Understanding any complaints
- Set goals and objectives for the next 6 months
- Set performance goals and how they will be measured

Try creating a new employee checklist or using one of our ready to go checklists.

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