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Published 04/01/2022

Online New Employee Induction Presentation: Best Presentation Tips and Template for 2024

In this guide we go over the best presentation steps, slides and tips for creating a modern and effective employee induction presentation. When working with Powerpoint (PPT file) or creating a presentation using another authoring tool, the slides and topics you create should consist of these core areas we discuss below. These are the most common topics and slides to include to make your employee induction presentation the most engaging and effective for new employees entering your workplace and for refresher inductions for existing staff each year.

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Overview of the best slides to include in your New Employee Induction Presentation

Here's the list of the best slides to include and what to say about each topic:

Organisation History: give a background on the organisation
Vision: lets talk about the future and passion
Mission: what is our formal mission?
Values: introduce your values to the new employee
Goals: what are some of your core goals as an organisation
Commitment to Employees: our commitment to you as your employer is...
Code of Conduct: formalise the code of conduct
Business Ethics: set the boundaries of your ethics
Employee and Employer Confidentiality Agreement: establish a confidentiality agreement
Non-compete Agreement: establish a non-compete agreement
Site map: establish a map of the workplace
Org Chart: outline the org chart
Role introduction and job description
Office hours
Site access: how to access the workplace out of hours, opening hours
Work uniform or office attire
How to report an incident
How to report a hazard

Sample New Employee Presentation

Try out our completely free sample right here. It's a great way to see how you might create, design and deliver an online new employee presentation to your new starters

Best Tips for 2024

Modern and mobile, these are the two core areas for ensuring a truly engaging, stunning and modern induction experience for your new employees.

Mobile inductions are critical given everyone is using tablets and phones
Modern with animations, voice overs and content interactions
Engaging content that users can relate to, pay attention to, acknowledge and understand. Pictures, animations, short bursts of learning
Focus on the inductee experience, how do they interact with the content
Keep content refreshed and updated. As your organisation grows, so should the content. As a role changes, the induction content should update too.

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