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Traditional Onboarding VS Online

Comparing the problems that arise from traditional onboarding practices to new, innovative online ones raises many concerns.

Research reveals that there are a number of current problems with the way inductions are carried out.

To begin with, there is no way to record that the inductee has really understood the induction content, there is no way to be re-inducted and that they have no easy, familiar or user friendly way of proceeding through the induction content.

A large PDF document for example, could contain hundreds of pages and is not necessarily going to be fully read and understood by the inductee because of its nature. In a face to face induction, the inductee may forget everything learned in the induction once they have left the room. From the management point of view, recording that the inductee has completed the induction does not necessarily mean that the inductee has fully understood the induction material. With regards to re-inductions, as induction content changes throughout the year, there is no current way to inform inductees of these changes unless they are being inducted for the very first time.

The proposed solution to the above problems is to transform the onboarding process into an online format delivered via web based technologies.

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