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The proposed solution to the above problems is to transform the onboarding process into an online format delivered via web based technologies.

An online onboarding program would provide a dedicated resource for inductions which can be done from home, on site or in the inductees own time also allowing them to revisit the content as many times as they need to throughout their employment as well as recording that they have fully understood all of the induction content and providing a means to test their knowledge on it. Inductees would be able to revisit the induction material as many times as they need to throughout the year and with a central database of inductees, they could be automatically notified if new induction content has been added for their attention as part of the re-induction process.

By having an online onboarding program in place, it also could reduce potential litigation repercussions by digitally recording in a database that the inductee has read particular documents, polices, procedures and has been tested on the material with dates and timestamps also being recorded.

The portal could be added to the existing Extranet which is an Intranet portal that can be accessed externally, out side of the office. This way both employees and contractors could access the induction portal easily and securely via a central entry point known to all staff. Induction content and material would be the responsibility of the management and could be fully managed by them allowing the management to add, edit or delete any aspect of induction content.

Inductees will be able to securely register online with their accounts activated by the management. When an account is activated by the management, an SMS is sent to the inductee�s mobile phone with their secure username and password. Researchers have raised concerns over fraud of users who completed courses in both traditional and online formats and raised concern about academic integrity in online learning. They argued that remote learners connected to the faculty only through computer networks may have greater opportunity than ever to turn in work that is not their own.

With regards to the Online Induction, how can you really prove that the inductee is who they say they are? It�s possible that a fellow worker may pass off their induction as their work colleagues to save time for their fellow workers. To overcome this problem, I implemented the SMS feature as it is assumed that only one person can access a mobile phone. An email address might be accessible within an office environment (for example a receptionist can usually access fellow employees mail boxes) but a mobile phone is usually kept on a person and it is assumed that only they will read any SMS�s sent to them.

Finally, the onboarding program would be used to manage inductees beyond the scope of the initial online induction. Beneficial features could include a full database of inductees with their personal contact details, various material that is needed to be recorded against an inductee, an interactive map on inductee movements on and off site and a search facility to retrieve inductee information based on a search query.

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