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Onboarding Program: What to look for

What to look for in an Onboarding Program

More and more time is being required for the onboarding process in today's world. It makes sense to try and put as much of the onboarding process into an online format. But what should you look for in an Onboarding Program?

Everything is heading online and being made available on mobile devices. These are two of the strongest mediums for delivering content and allowing users on mass to access and complete the onboarding process with ease.

The onboarding program should consist of the ability to:

Create new employee courses
Create custom courses
Create assessments
Create site specific courses
Create user specific courses
Choose from our library of templates

Onboarding is an important part of your organisation, you need to get across important messages about the organisation's policies and procdures, safety, test the inductee on their knowledge and issue them a formal recognition of their completion. You can also set a reminder for the refresher onboarding course to take place (typically in 12 months time).

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