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Published 18/11/2021

Performance Appraisal Steps

Once recruits are oriented, they are trained before starting their routine duties, or the training is incorporated into the routine duties. After some time or an agreed duration, employees must be accessed to determine their competency and the quality of the training. The assessment is used in measuring the possibility of attaining the set organizational goals within the speculated time. The assessment is done through performance appraisal. Well, what is performance appraisal?

A performance appraisal is a periodic assessment of workers' ability to deliver admirable results within the set time as governed by the competency expectations. The competencies include the organizational competency and competency required by the specific tasks. Performance appraisal is carried out by either a supervisor or a manager, and they give feedback based on the appraisal. The employees use the feedback as a reference tool for improving weak areas. This might form part of your onboarding program and may be part of an overall induction plan for your employee induction.

Steps to an effective performance appraisal

Establish performance standards

The organization sets the standards required to be met by the employees, particularly new hires. The appraisal standards are set to ensure the goals are met, and the employees are motivated to undertake their tasks. There are different appraisals within an organization ranging from token awarding to training and empowerment.

Define appraisal standards

Before judging something is right or wrong, there must be some standards in our minds that judge the outcome. Additionally, the appraisal is done on the same analogy. A manager or supervisor assumes employees are competent to undertake their roles, and if not, training must be provided to boost their knowledge.

Performance appraisal is more performance-oriented, and norms must be specified before the appraisal duration is set. Though the norms are set before, there must be room for change because the performance of employees is affected by many factors that others are out of employees' control.

Design the appraisal program

The designing of an appraisal program is dependent on; the kind of employees to be appraised, the type of appraisers, appraisal methodology, and duration of appraisal. The team of appraisers is at the core of the appraisal program. The program should cover all personnel within the organization. The appraisal methodology entails the tools used in data collection. Most organizations will opt for questionnaires or interviews, or a combination of both.

Implement appraisal program

What is defined in the appraisal system is what is conducted. Appraisers conduct the appraisal and carry out interviews when necessary. The appraisal team prepares a detailed performance appraisal report and presents it to the human resource team. The human resource team analyzes the report and gives feedback geared towards meeting the objectives of the appraisal.

Measure performance

Measuring soft skills like communication as part of performance appraisal is complex compared to measuring performance expressed in numeral numbers like cost and quantity. It is recommended to measure appraisal by evaluating written reports, oral reports, speeches during meetings, code of conduct, and personal observation. The individuals will not realize whether they are being evaluated, thus getting unbiased information.

Discuss appraisal with the employees

When the evaluation is done, and feedback is given, the appraisal team must discuss the results with the employees. Though sometimes it can be hard to discuss the feedback, especially when an employee has consistently provided poor results, appraisers must find the best way to talk to them.

It is likely for poor-performing employees to develop emotions when their weak areas are being discussed openly, and they feel unworthy. This step demands a high level of intelligence, and only competent appraisers should carry it out. When poor performance is noticed, it should be addressed with immediate effect and corrective measures implemented.

Appraisal feedback

Perhaps, giving feedback is the critical part of performance appraisal. No feedback is unworthy because it is a reflection of how the employees undertake their tasks. Sometimes the feedback can be the opposite of what the management expected, but corrective measures should be implemented to curb the same from happening in the future.

It would be of no sense to employ a new task force and fail to evaluate their performance. It should not be assumed that employees are comfortable with their routine tasks. Performance appraisal is a critical tool that should be implemented in every workplace.

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