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5 must have features of your visitor management system

In this ever mission critical world, its more important than ever to be on top of your visitor management with effective and automatic management workflows. We've put together a list of the 5 must have features you need in your visitor management system.

1: Prescreen for flu symptoms, infection contact and travel history

Ensure all staff, visitors and contractors have been checked for fly like symptoms, any history of infectious risks and or infected contacts and prescreen their travel history. With these prescreening checks, as visitors and staff arrive on site or are planning to arrive on site you can ensure they have gone through the property screening questions to identify any potential health risks. This gives your organisation a chance to implement intervention plans.

2. Register intended visitors in advance

Nothing beats preparation, knowing who is coming to site in advance is critical for ensuring they are compliant, inducted, licensed and insured. Ensure they have gone through a health prescreen as well. See a live real-time registry of who is scheduled to arrive on site, when, from which company, their expected time on site, purpose, who requested them and who they are visiting.

3. Notifications

With so much sign in activity, its important to make sure there are notifications showing who is doing what, who has arrived on site and confirming eligibility and compliance status. From person visiting notifications through to alerts that a contractor is on site, that work is being done or that someone is not compliant.

4. Integrated site induction

The sign in process should integrate with a comprehensive induction that is completed before they arrive on site. Inductions are more than just a quick slideshow of emergency procedures, they cover extensive safety and HR training.

5. GEO Fencing

To be able to geo fence your sites, equipment and buildings so that staff can check in and check out of specific buildings across a workplace.

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