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5 Things to include in your Visitor Sign-In System

A visitor sign-in system can significantly improve the efficiency of your organisation's front of house for both one-off and regular visitors. The visitor sign-in system will streamline the sign-in process and cut down on the paperwork involved in signing in your visitors.

It's essential to consider the specific needs of your organization. Start by determining the information you want to collect from visitors upon arrival. This could include their name, contact details, purpose of visit, and any other relevant information. Ensuring that the system is user-friendly is crucial, as it will be the first point of contact for many visitors. Additionally, think about how you will manage and store the data collected, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. Providing a seamless experience for both visitors and staff is key, so consider incorporating features such as badge printing and notifications to hosts upon visitor arrival. Lastly, regular review and updates are necessary to ensure that the system continues to meet the changing needs of your organization.

Implementing a digital visitor sign in process can streamline operations and reduce manual errors, while also providing valuable insights into visitor patterns and trends. Integration with access control systems can further enhance security measures by managing visitor access within designated areas.

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1: Ability to check whether your visitor has completed a Visitor Induction

A visitor induction is a crucial process that sets the stage for a positive experience and ensures safety and compliance for all parties involved. It encompasses a range of activities, from familiarizing visitors with the facility's layout and emergency procedures to providing them with essential information about the organization's mission, values, and code of conduct. By offering clear guidance and support from the moment visitors step foot on the premises, a well-executed visitor induction promotes a sense of belonging and confidence while also demonstrating professionalism and respect for all individuals entering the space. Whether it's a corporate office, educational institution, or manufacturing plant, implementing a thorough visitor induction program is essential for creating an environment that prioritizes security, communication, and mutual understanding.

Unexpected guests drop by all the time. Having full visibility of who has been inducted prior improves efficiency and accountability.

Your Visitor Sign-In system will remember the details of those visitors that have completed their induction and will assist in making their repeat visits as easy and efficient as possible, by streamlining their arrival on each subsequent visit.

Those visitors to site that haven't completed a visitor induction prior will be directed toward the visitor induction content as a first step toward visitor sign-in, before they are granted access to site.

2: Include Emergency Contact Information

Improving visitor safety is a key outcome of adopting a visitor sign-in system. This allows the organisation to have control of visiting personnel and ensures they can meet any compliance obligations around visitor, contractor and staff safety.

With these goals in mind, it is advisable to include any relevant emergency contact information for key personnel who have specific roles or responsibilities under any emergency plan. Common examples include fire wardens, floor wardens and first aid officers.

Other more wide-reaching examples could include contact details for local emergency services, such as police, fire brigade and ambulance.

3: Next of Kin Information

Having the ability to Capture next of kin information is very important, as it provides all parties greater peace of mind in the unlikely event that an incident does occur on site that involves reaching out to extended family members. Typically a name and contact telephone number is sufficient.

4: Include an Evacuation Plan

You have a duty of care to any visitors to your premises. You must ensure that they are safe and that they are aware of any safety procedures relevant to their time on your premises. In the event an emergency does occur, its vital to be aware of exactly who is on site, so that you can do everything in your power to keep them safe. Your Visitor Sign-In System will allow you to rapidly run reports to easily identify if anyone is one site and if required who is on site.

Knowing who is on site is a significant part of the battle won, however that alone will not ensure an efficient evacuation should the need arise. For this you will need to include an evacuation plan. This plan needs to clearly point out things such as:

Emergency evacuation meeting points/ Muster points
Any exiting procedures
Any safety alerts that may occur such as sirens and flashing lights
Your Evacuation Policy and Procedure

5: Print a Badge

Upon completion of a visitor induction and visitor sign-in to site it is a good idea to allow for visitor badges to be printed.

Visitor badges are a great help as they allow employees to easily recognize the visitor for increased safety, security and compliance!

Setting up a Visitor Sign in System

In today's fast-paced business environment, having a robust visitor sign-in system is crucial for maintaining safety and compliance standards. When considering what to include in such a system, it's important to think about scalability. Whether you operate a small office or a large corporate facility, the ability to scale the system according to your needs is vital. Look for solutions that offer flexibility in terms of hardware and software integration while being adaptable to future technological advancements.

To ensure a smooth check-in process for visitors, it's essential to have clear communication regarding the use of the sign-in system. Providing training for staff members who will be interacting with visitors can help maintain professionalism and consistency in data collection. Moreover, consider implementing features such as pre-registration or self-service kiosks to expedite the check-in process while minimizing wait times.

When deciding what to include in a visitor sign-in system, prioritize functionality balanced with user experience. The goal is not only to capture necessary information but also to make visitors feel welcomed from their first interaction with your organization. By carefully considering these factors during the design phase, you can create an efficient and secure sign-in process that reflects positively on your business or institution.

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