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A site attendance app is commonly used for construction site attendance, contractor and workplace site attendance tracking which involves having a registry of the times in and out for contractors in your workplace or worksite. Being able to accurately show which contractors are currently on site is a critical safety and compliance requirement and in the event of an emergency, allows you to quickly take swift action to alert and manage those contractors currently on site. In 2024, the most useful platform to deliver and manage site attendance is via the use of a mobile app. Traditional sign in and out via a kiosk isn't necessarily compatible with a mobile and active workforce or a remote workforce.

With many worksites such as a construction worksite, it is actually a legal requirement to manage who is on site and have sign in process in order to manage the compliance of those staff and contractors on site. The following goes over some of the best design and setup options around putting a site attendance app in place and how you might implement it.

Tablet or from the Phone

The most common site attendance setup is via a tablet which might be wall mounted or on a stand, contractors and staff approach, sign in, have their photo taken, fill out a prescreening form, acknowledge important content and print a sticker. This is common for office environments where a centralised sign in setup can be implemented.

Managing Site Attendance of Remote Contractors

When you have contractors doing road works, working in remote locations or are frequently mobile, it can be difficult to track which locations they are currently at, how long were they there for, who is currently at the work site right now and most important of all, are they compliant and should they be allowed to be on site?

With a contractor sign in app you can remotely manage contractors who are on site right now and register their site attendance remotely and digitally. Tracking who is on site, at which site location, how long for and matched to things like their Contractor Induction or company prequalification.

With a site attenance app, your goals are to:

track who is currently on site and how long for
sign them out of site when they leave
geo-fence the boundaries of remote sites and locations
ensure sign in staff and contractors go through prescreening form
cross check against their compliance status such as insurances through to licenses and certifications
induction and check list acknowledgement

Site Attendance App Demo

With our site attendance app, you can personalise your sign in workflows. Have a look at the demo right here:

Compliance Spot Checks

In workplaces such as construction, a site attendance app can go far beyond just signing someone in and out. Its important to cross check they have been inducted to work there in the first place. Outside the induction for the individual worker, if they are contractor, how do you know the company they work for has valid and compliant workers comp or public liability insurance? What if it has expired and their contracting staff are on site? What about their incident history? have they had a lot of LTI's and require additional training to help prevent future incidents? The site attendance system should automate these checks as part of the sign in process.

Historical Records of Site Attendance

The data you collect on your sites and your engaged workforce can be most significant in the future decision making around those sites. Which contractors should be engaged for works in the future? What defects were they or feedback from being on site? Are they billing you more than the time they were actually on site for? Are they actually on site versus a no show? How many times did they go on site versus the need for them to be on site?

The deep intelligence and metrics you can generate can have a strong impact on the site safety, compliance and overall site management.

Try creating your own site attendance setup and registry here:

See how our site attendance sign in and sign out app for contractors can work for your organisation

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