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Published 04/05/2021

Contractor ID Card Scanning Software

ID scanning is one of the most reliable and instant techniques to gather the personal information of your contractors, employees, clients, and customers in an organization. This software is used in many workplaces to read the identity cards of individuals. It may be either an app or website that operates in a wide range of devices, and they enhance contactless data verification of identity cards.

What is a Contractor ID and why have Contractor ID Scanning Software?

ID scanning software is a tool used to read and extract data stored in identification cards, QR codes, and bar codes. It can be used on mobile phones and computers. An ID scanner usually extracts all the data on the card, including texts, images, and signatures. A typical use of ID scanning software includes onboarding a new employee or contractor into an organization. They are also essential in organizations where tracking attendance and visitors is required.

Importance of Contractor ID Scanning Software

Currently, ID cards are being used as digital passports for signing in and out of workplaces. So, using ID scanning software is an excellent solution for detecting fake IDs and keeping unauthorized individuals from accessing the workplace.

In worksites, individuals accessing the place can get their passports scanned at the gates or check-ins. This offers more personalized service and speeds up the entire process hence reducing the waiting time. The significant advantages of an ID scanning software include:

- ID scanning software is accurate and more secure. This tool is capable of securely capturing quality data eliminating errors in the process.
- Saving time and reducing costs-ID scanners read and process data instantly by just pointing the ID to the device, and it does the rest. With this identity verification tool, you won't require any extra workforce that may need training, and data digitization won't incur your company costs that arise from paper and storage.
- Can scan IDs anywhere anytime (no limits). ID scanners can work both offline and online, meaning you can upload your data to your database in any location without challenges ensuring no information is lost.

Do less typing and minimized human errors with an effective and high-performing ID scanner. It speeds up processes and procedures required for staff and contractors to manually record their personal information. This, in turn, eliminates errors that arise from manual data entry in workplaces.

We are going contactless with the use of ID scanning software! This is a common approach currently used to scan QR codes and bar codes. Contactless ID scanning will keep everybody safe and secure, especially during these unprecedented times of social distancing.

Onboarding new employees and temporary workers is now easy. All you need is to scan their IDs and check whether the individual is registered by confirming any relevant details.

Features of ID scanning software include:
- Real-time ID scanning
- Precision
- In and out tracking features
- Reliability
- Multi-language compatibility
- Secure and fast

On the other hand, compliance is one of the critical aspects of the workplace. ID scanning software is commonly used to check staff and contractor compliance in organizations. This is because there are many unauthorized workers out there who may put your business at risk.

Fraudsters will always look for any possible chances to join your team and work for you with fake documents. On many occasions, they tend to go undetected with fake passports and fake driving licenses.

One of the best ways to ensure compliance is to take extra precautions and improve verification tools for your business processes. It's crucial to check the IDs of new employees and contractors during identity verification in the workplace.

But how can you verify their IDs with confidence?

Nowadays, it's very easy to obtain fake and high-quality identification documents online. With naked eyes, it's difficult to tell whether an ID card is fake or authentic as the counterfeited ones are designed in a way that they are indistinguishable from the real copies.

To stop these counterfeited IDs from being used in your workplace, the best way is to use ID scanning software. So, taking precautions in your daily business operations is extremely important. Also, make all the employee, staff, and contractor verification processes and procedures reliable and safer with an efficient ID scanner tool to help stop fake documents.

Set up your own Contractor ID Card Scanning Software

Try creating your first contractor ID card using our card builder and set up a scanning process for contractor ID cards.

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