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What is a New Employee Check List

New employee check lists are used to ensure that new starters have checked off on important policies, procedures and preparations for their new role in the organisation they are starting with. They can include pre start items to prepare for as well as first day acknowledgements and post first day activities. They can be a mix of manager focused and employee focused items and activities and cover both HR and Safety topics.

New employees need to be aware of important safety and HR policies and procedures BEFORE they start working in the organisation. these are typically designed to protect both the employer and the employee and their new co-workers to ensure everyone gets to work safely and ensure their ongoing wellbeing in the workplace. A new employee check list will help ensure that everything is acknowledged and understood consistently. Safety check list items might include understanding how to report an incident, a hazard, site access, acknowledgement of existing hazards and safety processes.

HR employee check list items might cover payroll set, organisation wide HR policies to adhere to, common HR policies and procedures, new employee setup items in the organisation and HR focused manager activities.

Of course before all these new employee check list items take place, there are check list items for managers to do before the employee walks through the door! Background checks, review job descriptions and duties, completing new hire forms, team introductions, preparations for new hire training and preparing their specific work environment are all pre-start check list items an activities for new employees.

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