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What is an Orientation Check List?

When a new employee starts work there are two things that they need to know, One is that they need to know what to do and the second is how to do it and be able to do it well. To make this as simple as possible for your new employees it is necessary to consider their needs prior to them starting.

One tool that can be used to help out with this process is an orientation checklist. This is a checklist created to ensure that all of the necessary steps for a smooth orientation are covered. This will help a new employee have a positive experience during the first few days/weeks on the job. A bad orientation experience can lead to people leaving the company early which is a waste of time and money for all involved.

So what should you put into an orientation checklist? Putting it simply everything that you think that new employees will need to know and have in order to execute their jobs. Checklists are also prompts to remind you of how you are going to accomplish these things (e.g. sure you need to let them know about the relevant policies and procedures however how are you going to do it? Will it be something they are tested on as part of the induction? Who will they get assistance from? etc). Not all companies are the same of course even within the same industry, companies are going to operate differently with different layouts, policies and procedures. So checklists are going to vary by workplace therefore it is important to consider what things you need to include to maximise your new employees first experience. Below are some examples of things that should be covered on the list.

- Orientation of the workplace showing them all the important areas, including eating spots, toilets, where to put their things etc as well as introductions to important people (yes some employees are likely to get overwhelmed trying to remember everyone, still it helps to create a first point of contact).
- Make sure that the most important and relevant policies and procedures are covered.
- Pre-plan the most likely questions that may come up so that you can answer them easily if asked
- Make sure that they have access to any equipment that they require to do their job.
- What sort of support will they need with administration work.

When considering a checklist it is important to think of the impression of the company that you want to create.

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