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Published 30/10/2021

Hospitality / Hotel Induction Checklist

Hospitality services demand high-quality hygiene and customer attendance. Hotels need to be inspected regularly to detect loopholes in the services, employees' mode of conduct, and hygiene. The inspection is conducted using a hospitality checklist. Well, what is a hospitality/hotel checklist?

It is an inspection tool used in the hospitality industry to enhance service provision, quality of amenities, and customer handling. The checklist is filled by ticking on the corresponding text boxes, either No or Yes. Hospitality is a broad field that includes all amenities that you may need. i.e., Lodging, food and drinks, parking, event planning, and recreation facilities.

Importance of hospitality/hotel checklist

- Guarantee quality services
A checklist identifies loopholes in the hotel that may hinder operation and customer service. Once the loopholes are identified, they are rectified before customers access the facility.

- Facilitate training of employees
Through inspection, loopholes are identified which indicate employees' incompetency, and the relevant employees are mentored on how to perfect the service.

- Good public reputatio
A hotel with quality services has a significant market share. Customers will not talk ill of the hotel, but they will spread the good news about the hotel. An excellent public reputation translates to increased customers and so high profits.

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Hospitality checklist items

- Reception
The reception or lobby area is the reporting section where the customer registers and receives first instructions on where to go depending on the services required. The receptionist enquires the personal information of the attendant, type of service, and the type of luggage carried.

- Food and beverages
The checklist entails all foods and beverages sold in the hotel. The information helps identify weaknesses in the dietary, missing foods, foods that customers frequently ask, and identifies foods and drinks that do not meet the required standards.

- Guest rooms
Information from the guest house helps in evaluating the housekeeping standards. The checklist inspects the washrooms, bed and beddings, ventilation, entertainment, state of the interior design, and lighting. During the inspection, the state of locks, security, flooring, roofing, and ease of access to other services such as balcony visibility are inspected. The checklist reminds housekeepers of any missing amenities before assigning an attendant.

- Kitchen services
The checklist inspects the kitchen for any flows that may result in weird services. The checklist inspects the competency of chefs, certification, hygiene, official attires, menus, the state of kitchen equipment such as utensils and lighting, preservation of ingredients, and disposal of waste products.

- Security
Out of all services provided in a hotel, security is at the base of hotel operation. Not even a single person will be comfortable while in an area with security loopholes and tension. The checklist inspects the security guards, availability of protective equipment, their certification, official garments, and the places that require strong guards with 24/7 surveillance. Also, the state of CCTV, security lights, watchtowers, and thorough inspection at the entrance points.

- Entertainment
Entertainment is a service that draws the attention of many and entices people to purchase other services. Generally, it encourages impulse buying, which is a plus to the hotel. The checklist inspects the state of external speakers, the number of screens required for conference halls, the state of the public address system, the impact of live deejays on the customers, and the space needed for dancing.

- Recreation centers
Since most people visit hotels for meals and recreation, inspecting recreation amenities is not negotiable. The checklist checks the quality of swimming pools, pool tables, diets, electronic toys for kids, cinema rooms, indoor and outdoor games. The checklist identifies areas that need improvement, such as damaged casino machines.

- Perking
Attendants need amble and spacious parking slots. The checklist inspects the environment within and around the parking area, marking parking slots, distance from one slot to another, entry and exit points for the parking area.

- Emergency program
Incidents are real, and they cannot be assumed. Emergency protocols must be inspected and tested. The checklist checks the location of fire extinguishers, emergency exit doors, first aid kits, emergency department, and evacuation measures.

Hospitality services demand high-quality hygiene, which must be guaranteed to customers. When it comes to food and beverages, hotel management must ensure the hygiene of the highest degree from ingredients handling, recipe, cooking to service delivery. A checklist must be implemented to inspect all processes in the hotel.

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