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Published 02/08/2022

What is a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and why is it important?

JSA stands for Job Safety Analysis is a written procedure to review the steps and any hazards and to put in place the correct solutions to eliminate or minimise the risk of those hazards occurring in the workplace.

Basically a JSA is a procedure to help you do a work job in the safest way possible by reviewing the steps to follow and any hazards. A worker will stand back and examine the situation, identifying any potential hazards or risks that could result in an incident and then taking the steps to avoid this. This involves examining the safety inputs, identifying the frequency or occurrence likelihood of risks, the consequences, severity and how best to manage these risks.

A JSA helps increase the knowledge of a work procedure by documenting what each employee needs to know about how they perform their job and consider the risks and hazards as part of that job task or activity

It helps with identifying existing or potential hazards

It helps with determining the control measures for prevention or elimination of hazards

It brings great safety awareness and creates a safety participation culture for workers

It standarises the process

and ultimately it hopefully reduces or prevents an injury or incident from occurring in the workplace!

Try creating and managing JSA's using our online JSA Manager

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