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Learning Management System

Publish online courses using our online learning and compliance management system. The Learning Management System has been developed over a number of years to become a market leading training delivery and compliance management solution for both small and large enterprises.

Deliver course content online

Easily Manage Course work submissions and automatic grading

Generate reports on all aspects of course usage

Create, edit and manage users as well as automated process for registration

Develop, deliver & manage surveys, assessments and more

Export reports into a variety of formats or easily import your existing data

You can also use our system to publish your own Online Induction courses by uploading and editing as many induction courses as you like to your user groups.

Publish induction courses uniquely to different department groups or user types

We can also create or transform your existing induction courses for you into a Professional Voice Production, creating a DVD Video online induction package, 3D Animation of your content, professional Script Writing, creating a DVD ROM/CD ROM induction and photography. A full media interactive digital Online Induction! Can be Online or stand alone.

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