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Published 07/01/2022

People Activation Platform: Guide, Tips and Design

Maximizing employee productivity is the sole purpose of human capital management. Companies have invented a new way of investing in employee training and mentorship programs. The training helps in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce. Employees are trained to execute their duties and their health concerns as they engage themselves in routine duties. People activation has fully transformed human capital management (HCM) and all companies.

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People activation and new employees

People activation has played a critical role in onboarding new employees. New employees usually have no idea of the company's culture, mode of operation, and the environment in which the company operates. The workplace has drastically changed, and it's a new era where new employees are trained from the first day, and the process continues as the company introduces new machines and procedures.

New employees benefit from people activation because they are ordained and guided on undertaking their duties efficiently and effectively. New employees get the freedom to create and share the content of interest that relates to their work. When new employees are activated, they become motivated and act as real company ambassadors. They spread the good news about the company, attracting competent skills.

As usual, no one admires joining a company with an unfavorable culture, so a company that practices people activation is likely to claim a more significant job market. People activation aims to prioritize the needs of the employees and consider them as the core asset in the company's existence.

Create People Activation Journeys

One of the coolest ways to activate the best out of your staff, whether they be new starters, changing roles or entering a new project, site or job activity is creating a people journey. Here (using a workflow platform) you create a number of people activation journeys that trigger milestones, reminders, prompts and nudges to different managers, staff and the person your implementing it for. Common ones might be a welcome message on day one, follow ups and check ins with managers, team members and mentors, scheduling activities automatically, videos, feedback, milestone prompts and nudges to automate the entire workflow for getting the best out of your new staff member.

Common examples might include:

- for new staff
- changing roles
- new project or site
- change management
- exiting the organisation
- engaging contractors or consultants

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How people activation has changed management

Gone are the days when management formulated policies and procedures without consulting the employees. The new management practices allow the input of employees, and the management considers the demands fronted by employees. Since employees are the most valued asset, they are treated as fragile assets because they can ruin or preserve their image.

Management gathers the interest and opinions of the employees to come up with the policies and procedures. Today's workplace management is very different from the traditional one because it is employee-centered. With the help of the people activation platform, employees can fill out their opinions as directed by the platform. In most cases, it is an online platform that makes it easy to be accessed by remote and onsite workers. Modern management has no power over the employees, and for them to change an organization, they first change the employees.

The impacts of people activation to remote working

The emergence of Covid-19 changed the organization of the workplace, and nearly all employees were forced to work from home. It was not an easy transition since employees never expected such abrupt change from office to home-based working. The world has adopted virtual working, and it is not expected to change back to the office in the near future.

Through people activation, employees were able to share their opinions on the impact of Covid-19 and how it affected them while working from the office. Through it, employees accepted changing and working virtually, which was the best way to combat the pandemic. If not for people activation, it could be a walk in the park to convince the world to work virtually.

In the 21st century, most prominent companies ventured into overseas countries, and contacting general meetings virtually was the most significant challenge. Furthermore, these companies outsourced some tasks to other companies; so bringing all these employees on a similar platform was a challenge. The only solution was to use a people activation platform to educate them so remote employees could not feel neglected.

Since the world is gradually changing and emerging issues are negatively and positively affecting the workplace, there is the need to implement people activation to foster the company's image in the job market. Since employees are the ambassadors of companies, there is a need to give them the freedom of expression to front their demands and opinions that seem to benefit the company.

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