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Best Employee Training Manual Guide and Setup for 2024

Published 09/02/2022

Efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction are brought by certainty in their duties. Employees need to be trained on emerging technologies in the market and new types of machinery. There's the need to be updated on daily inventions in this digital age. Well, how will employees acquire new skills brought by emerging technologies?

It is through the implementation of an employee training manual. Then, what is the employee training manual? It is the documentation of training plans. It is informed handbook given to employees for future reference. Employees tend to forget what they learned during induction and make petty mistakes; when they cannot remember whatever they learned, they refer from the training manual. Training manuals are designed with critical responsibilities and specifications.

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Steps for creating an employee training manual

1. Define the audience
A training manual is solely created to remind employees of what they learned. Different categories of employees have their unique manuals. When designing a training manual, it is good to define the users, when it should be used, where it shall be used, and how the content shall be accessed.

2. Plan the content
The content in a training manual should cover all critical areas of the type of work done by the target group of employees. The nature of employees differentiates the kind of content, beginners or existing employees, type of job, nature of the workplace; onsite or remote, and the product features.

3. Content presentation format
Already the audience and the kind of content is known, it's time for defining the format which will present the content to the audience. Depending on the nature of the audience, the following content presentation formats can be used; knowledge base articles, video tutorials, online courses, PDF guides, and pamphlets. When deciding the presentation format, it is good to know the available tools the employees can afford to access the content, available time, and resources at their disposal.

4. Deliver the manuals
Manual delivery is the tedious stage in the whole process. Before delivery, the manual has to be assembled, which sometimes is a frustrating process. Assembling involves; image editing, voice balancing, audio formatting, and document preparation. For easy document assembling, a suitable template should aid in delivering.

5. Track progress
Every activity needs feedback for evaluating the progress. When training managers interact with the audience, they should listen and monitor their attitude towards the training manual. When the input is received, it should be used in redesigning the training manual to remove errors and unsuitable parts.

6. Update the manual
Updating the manual is regular activity due to the changing world. The manuals should be updated in line with the new technology and the operating environment whenever a new technology is implemented.

Importance of employee training manual

- Creates awareness about training programs and policies
A training manual details all courses offered, the introductory courses that all employees must learn, and a description of the duration each course takes. The manual gives detailed information about when training should be conducted and who should oversee them. Employees learn the procedures to follow and mandatory courses.

- Implements learning culture
When training is documented, employees go through regular training, and new employees view it as a culture to learn. By doing this, employees adapt learning as a requirement.

- Streamline onboarding
Orientation and onboarding activities are complex, especially when conducted simultaneously. When new hires are onboarded, the HR department gets very busy preparing hiring documents and causes commotion between staff. When a training manual is in place, orientation and onboarding become easy.

- Organize training and maintain transparency
A training manual is the source of transparency and keeps everything in order. Training manual development demands input from all stakeholders; hence budgeting is done openly.

Employee training is the source of confidence even to do the unbelievable. When employees are equipped with the right training, they improve efficiency and effectiveness, which in turn leads to high production. Since technology is everywhere, online training manuals should be preferred because they are time-consuming, affordable, and reliable.

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