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Published 25/05/2024

Employee Training Tracker: How it works, Why it's important

Employee training is an integral part of any successful organization. The Employee Training Tracker is a powerful tool that helps businesses efficiently manage and monitor their employees' training activities. This innovative software allows companies to easily track employee progress, identify areas for improvement, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. By utilizing the Employee Training Tracker, businesses can streamline their training processes and maximize the effectiveness of their workforce.

Tracking employees progress while training them is critical as it gives evidence that the training is bringing impact in the workforce. Tracking the progress helps capture the training program success while keeping track of areas that need improvement.

It may be costly to train and track but it generates enormous value to the company and the employees. Also, tracking progress helps capture important stats and metrics for the better of the company. Some of the metrics that need tracking are; return on investment (ROI), training effectiveness, employee engagement, and total training hours.

It is a system that monitors employees progress as they undergo training. It manages employees training data and controls training activities from one platform. This might form part of your employee induction, overall workplace learning platform, corporate training and employee training plan.

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Elements of an Effective Employee Training Tracking

The Employee Training Tracker works by centralizing all training-related data into one easy-to-use platform. Through this system, employers can assign specific training modules to individual employees, monitor their completion status, and generate comprehensive reports to assess overall training performance. This level of visibility enables organizations to proactively address any gaps in employee knowledge or skills, ultimately leading to a more productive and knowledgeable workforce.

There are so many options in the market that can be used for tracking training progress but I have detailed the best software in the market. Tracking software are effective when used to gather information about the training and what areas need improvement. With the ever-changing technology, online training is considered due to time management and safeguarding resources.

- Learning Management System (LMS)
LMS are online platforms that bring online training to life. LMS build, design, market, and host training courses. These systems are easy to use, scalable, and reliable when making informed decisions on how to implement changes on the program.

- Project Management Tools (PMT)
PMT helps in assigning, tracking, and giving updates about employee tasks. Both onsite and remote employees training is tracked in a single dashboard. Project Management Tools like Asana helps in scheduling and onboarding new hires.

- Google Sheets
Out of the training software out in the market, Google Sheets or simply Microsoft Excel is the simplest for tracking training progress. It is easy to assign tasks, capture progress, and record.

Some of these areas might be included into your Induction Handbook

Benefits of employee training tracker

The Employee Training Tracker plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards. By maintaining accurate records of employee training activities, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to upholding best practices and meeting legal requirements. As a result, organizations can mitigate potential risks and liabilities while fostering a culture of continuous learning and development among their employees. Overall, the Employee Training Tracker is an essential tool for modern businesses seeking to optimize their training efforts and drive sustainable growth. Tracking these areas will be done using a training matrix or a competency matrix.

Administering training is as good as it is but tracking progress is beneficial, anyway. Here are the benefits of tracking training progress for the employees.

- Improves training programs
Employee training cannot be a uniform activity because we have varying capacities to capture knowledge and concepts. Tracking the progress helps in determining weak areas of the training process and slow learners who need much attention. By tracking the progress, training managers are informed on the best format to administer the training.

- Enhances employee engagement
Employees will stay in a workplace where they are acquiring new skills. When a company invests in employee development through training, they realize the need to plan for the long run and not leave their current working areas. Regular training keeps the employees engaged and remain productive till their retirement.

- Helps in talent acquisition
Top performing companies in the world win a bigger share of the job market by training their employees and recruits. New hires will always admire to work in companies that promote skills through training and mentorship programs. Companies that train new hires adequately have better opportunity for hiring competent talents.

- Maintains competent talents
It is the desire of every employee to work in a company where empowerment is the priority. Tracking employee training establishes areas where employees need training and thus, employees end up acquiring new skills. These employees find it hard to leave companies that train and their progress.

- Enhances communication
Tracking employee training helps in evaluating whether the communication skills taught during training are implemented. While some employees may feel training is a burden, the value attached to it changes the communication flow from non-effective to effective.

- Maintains new standards
Training is the tool for instilling confidence and make employees adhere to new policies and procedures. When a new product is introduced or compliance laws change, training the employees on how to handle the changes is the key to implement the changes effectively.

Tracking employee training progress is a way of getting feedback on the effectiveness of the training. Training can be administered and changes be implemented without tracking the progress but it is good to evaluate how the training is perceived by the employees.

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