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Published 04/12/2021

Online Staff Training Software: Best Tips and Course Setup

Delivering courses online to staff is a fundamental part of engaging your staff in the workplace and working towards better learning development outcomes. Online staff training typically involves creating workplace specific or role specific courses and assigning them to staff based on a variety of needs ranging from skills gaps through to role progression or safety and HR initiatives in the workplace.

Of course the effectiveness of staff absorbing the information they learn comes down to how well the courses were created and delivered online. That's why online staff training needs to be easy and engaging for staff to progress through and complete, typically on mobile devices such as iPhones / Android devices or Tablets. This might form part of your Professional Development Training and wider Online Training Platform.

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Creating the best Online Staff Training

The more engaging your staff training courses are, the best effective the learning and what your staff will walk away with. Here's some great setup structures and tips for creating the ultimate in online learning:

- Create short courses with short bursts of learning that staff can easily understand and walk away with
- Short topics with engaging images and easy to read and understand content
- Pictures tell a thousand words, use them!
- Make use of modern technologies and introduce panoramic's, 360 degree virtual content that staff can view and engage with online
- Try 360 degree video walkthroughs
- Voice overs
- Picture style assessments where they learn from the answer options they see
- Drag and drop assessments
- Interactive check lists
- Digital acknowledgements of content

Using an Online Staff Training Platform to Deliver Courses

Using an online staff training platform is the easiest way to create and deliver courses to staff. you can edit, create and deliver different courses online in an interactive format and assign to staff based on their unique skill level, gaps analysis, new skills opportunities, in response to an incident or for ongoing job role skill building. This is especially very common as part of an induction plan where a new staff member starts their role as an amateur, progresses to competent during their probation period and then finally expert. Its the use of online staff training that helps progress a new staff member through these skills stages. This might also involve the use of a training matrix or skills matrix. Want to try creating your own online staff training?

Easily deliver online

The fastest way to get staff trained these days is to issue a link and ask them to self register. They can do it from anywhere at any time and its easily tracked and managed.

Multiple course creation options

Drag and drop courses, create animations, build out your content in a variety of ways with different tools to support all sorts of online formats you want. In today's world its critical to be able to create modern and engaging content that suits all sorts of formats.

Most Common Online Staff Training Courses

Accident and Emergencies


Apply First Aid

Armed Robbery Survival Skills

Asbestos Awareness

Basic First Aid

Bullying and Harassment

Bullying Harassment Video Confidentiality and Bullying

Bullying Harassment Video Effects of Bullying

Bullying Harassment Video Managers and Bullying

Bullying Harassment Video Serial and Cultural Bullying

Code of conduct

Confined Space

Confined Space Entry

Corruption and Bribery

Defensive Driving

Driver Fatigue

Drugs and Alcohol

Electrical Safety

Emergency Procedures

Fire Extinguisher

Food Handling and Hygiene Procedures

Food Safety Standards

Forklift Safety

Fraud Awareness

Hand Held Power Tools

Health and Safety in the Retail Industry

High Risk Environments

Hot Works

Incident Investigation

Infection Control

Information Security Awareness

Injury Management

Internet and Social Media

Lock Out / Tag Out

Managing Food Allergies

Manual Handling

Manual Tasks for Construction Workers

Office Ergonomics


Personal Protective Equipment

PPE Safety

Privacy Awareness in the Workplace

Record Keeping

Safety Awareness

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Slips Trips and Falls

Social Media in the Workplace

Stress Management

Sustainability In the Workplace

Time and Stress Management

Work Health Safety Fundamentals

Working at Heights

Working with Silica Dust

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