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Published 26/01/2022

Online Safety Training Videos

We're building a library of workplace safety training videos, perfect for refresher training on common important safety topics for employees, contractors and visitors, commonly used as site induction videos. Plug in to your Intranet, induction, learning management system or training portal and make sure staff are up to date on these safety topics. This could be part of your new employee orientation, employee handbook, as part of your professional development training, your induction pack or safety induction.

Embed these safety training videos directly into your induction or training portal as a quick and easy addition to your training program. Videos are a great way to get the message across, with short bursts of information to make sure your staff walk away with the core points on each safety topic.

Add the video library to your training
Pick and choose which ones you want! Register for the trial or add the video library to your training - Start here:

Safety Training Video Library

Bullying and Harassment

Fatigue Management

Manual Handling

Confined Spaces

Drugs and Alcohol

Hazard Awareness and Reporting

Equal Opportunity

Code of Conduct

Anti Discrimination

Inappropriate Behaviour



Illness transmission reduction

Mental Wellness

Sexual Discrimination

Why deliver safety training via video?
Safety training delivered via video makes it easy for learners to digest, bring fast awareness to a variety of workplace safety topics and is easy for you to plug into existing learning content resources and training platforms. It an be effective microlearning style and make learning or awareness of workplace safety themes easy for your contractors, visitors and employees to go through.

Other Safety Training Video Options

Options to create custom videos from scripts with a voice over
Hosted online and accessible on mobile and tablets
Assessments, tracking and certificate
Setup an assessment at the end
Track who is watching the videos
Make it part of an induction or online training course

Wide range of Safety Topics

Ensure all visitors are aware of workplace safety especially around topics such as:
Slips, Trips and Falls
Basic First Aid
Hand Held Power Tools
Plus many more

Tips for creating Safety Training Videos

- Keep it short, microlearning makes for easier and improved engagement

- cover the important topics

- keep adding new material

- ensure the chosen voice over is clear and easy to understand

- ensure accessibility

Preview the full video library

Online Demo

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