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Published 26/04/2021

Workplace Induction Program
- Setup, Guide, Checklist and Examples

A workplace induction is designed to ensure that any type of worker, commonly a contractor, employee or visitor, is inducted on important risks and safety information as well as policies and procedures in relation to working at their workplace, typically before they even step foot into that workplace for the first time (What is a workplace induction).

Creating a great workplace induction helps ensure that all workers who are going to that workplace are job ready. Commonly done for new workers joining the workplace. This might involve creating a great first experience about the workplace they are heading to inducting them on everything they need to know about how to work there safely, procedures to follow, policies to be aware of and any other important information they need to go through before entering the workplace.

What to include in a workplace induction

Many workplaces are different and many are also very complex. This means that the initial workplace induction is a critical piece in ensuring that workers are prepared for the workplace and are going to be both job ready, work safely and follow procedure while on site. There are many important considerations to consider for what to include in a workplace induction.

Is there any information you need to collect from workers before they enter the workplace? this might include insurances or evidence of training so that you can ensure that are compliant and certified to work there
Are there hazards to be aware of that you need to make sure workers understand?
Are there risks that all workers need to acknowledge and understand?
How do contractors or employees access the work site and what hours of operation do they need to be aware of?
Are there any emergency procedures to be aware of?
How do contractors or employees go about their job activities in the workplace, do they need a permit or authorisation for certain works?
How do you report an incident if you see something unsafe in the workplace?
Where is the hazard registry and what do they need to be aware of?

The range of topics here would give a good awareness across several core areas such as safety in the workplace, emergency procedures, policies to follow, site access, hazards and risks.

Of course it's one thing to have all these topics in a workplace induction, another is to make them engaging and interactive so that the worker not only understands the content but actually engages with it in a way that memorable, interactive and engaging. Using a online workplace induction tool, you can create truly immersive and engaging workplace induction experiences that can be delivered online.

Have a look at these templates and example workplace inductions:

Workplace Tour

A really engaging way to deliver a workplace induction online is with a virtual tour and walk through. Here you might have a 360 interactive video of a building or site where you walk through and talk about the hazards, risks and other important information needed while giving a virtual tour. This becomes the ultimate in due diligence for preparing workers for a workplace and ensuring they are job ready. They can then fully immerse themselves in the workplace and what they need to know before they step food on site.

Workplace Induction Assessment

It's easy to show pictures and videos of the site, but how do you know the workers actually understand everything? The one piece of critical information in your workplace induction could be the difference between an incident or not. Using a short assessment, you can ensure that workers such as contractors or employees have been tested on important elements such as safety, hazards, risks, procedures, site access and policies to ensure they are competent in these areas and understand everything that's critical for working on site.

Access our workplace induction library

Try creating your own workplace induction and training using our massive library of sample workplace inductions and examples.

Workplace Inductions are Important

From creating a great welcoming experience for new workers through to steps to ensure staff retention and job readyness of new staff, a workplace induction sets the foundation for these areas. A workplace induction is also important for safety reasons. The information in the induction could lead to preventing an incident in the workplace. It allows the workplace to ensure staff are aware of the risks and hazards in the workplace and enviromnent they are about to start working in.


It's very common for a audit to involve showing who has done the induction, when, what induction they did, compliance status of contractors and more.

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