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Online Induction Software

An Online Induction is the first step for engaging new contractors, employees, suppliers and visitors working with an organisation or workplace. It is also an ongoing annual compliance process for ensuring the workforce remains compliant and up to date across areas such as HR and Safety. offers an online induction system for delivering inductions online to employees, contractors or visitors with comprehensive contractor management software through to visitor sign in and employee induction management modules. Our Online Induction software is world-renowned and used by over 1,000,000 users across the planet.

Align with the leading induction software that allows you to entirely personalise to what you want! Don't change your needs to suit the system! One size doesn't fit all. With the support of our induction experts, we can help you deliver high impact engaging and interactive inductions, not just static slides, for the best induction experience.

Australian made induction software and used by the largest companies, most renowned names - Large and Small all over the world for our comprehensive contractor management system, employee induction and visitor sign in induction, safety induction, our induction checklist creator and site inductions.

Used by top listed companies, leading private companies, small and medium business and federal and state government departments, see why so many are improving the induction of contractors, visitors and employees with

Create an Online Induction For Your Organisation, Site or Project

Online Induction System for Contractors & Staff

You can create and deliver your site inductions in an online format and dramatically speed up the delivery of your induction by deploying it over the internet.

Decrease your costs in delivering inductions and increases staff productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks and face to face inductions.

Have full control to create, edit and delete induction content and deliver your induction process however you want.

Contractor & Staff Online Induction Training

Provide your safety inductions for employees, contractors and visitors before they arrive on site with a dedicated online induction portal where you can load all your Occ Health and Safety material, induction courses and tests, hazard registries, incident report forms, conduct contractor surveys, online staff training and much more.

Use advanced supplier prequalification and contractor management software for full assessment of your contractors compliance and work history as well as supplier performance and reinduction through our Online Induction Software.
Create your own induction pack for new employees or use our templates.

Visitor Online Inductions

Ensure all visitors have completed a workplace induction before they arrive. Understanding tghe emergency assembly area, collecting next of kin emergency contact details and go through important policies and procedures.

Common FAQ Induction Topics

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